There are multiple benefits to using Admiral Janitorial to provide Professional Office & Commercial cleaning services for your company.

  • Release yourself from the associated stress of having to clean your offices or manage the process. Let the Admiral Janitorial professionals take care of this for you so you can focus on your core business.
  • Improve the physical appearance of your workplace. A clean & safe environment demonstrates to clients and employees you care about them and about your company’s reputation. Company pride boosts morale and business.
  • Money well spent – don’t waste payroll expenses by having your staff perform regular cleaning duties.
  • Employees who are asked to clean their own office tend to feel degraded by the task and lose respect for their superiors and the company.
  • A clean office increases productivity with happy, healthy employees. A dirty office is distracting and can be unsafe
  • We use only industry-standard cleaning products, equipment and practices to ensure a complete and professional result.
  • Our Staff are trained professionally to complete the work correctly. Education is ongoing and includes awareness of relevant Federal and Provincial legislation.
  • Our experts are properly vetted, bonded and insured for this type of work.
  • If desired, we will monitor your janitorial supplies so you never run out. Maintaining inventory and tracking the flow of your products is important to minimize interruptions.
  • Regularly scheduled maintenance for services such as window cleaning, carpet cleaning and floor care reduce your operating costs over time.

Taking care of your property is just good business sense. Over the long term, a properly cleaned and cared-for environment will cost less to maintain, reduce the chance of injury to employees and visitors and encourage a more positive attitude and increased efficiency. Eliminate large expenditures for major cleanup efforts because the work was not done properly and on a regular basis.

As a professional Commercial Cleaning company, we are continually engaged with many organizations to remain aware of the latest information in the industry – BSCAI, Elite Business Group, ISSA, Contractor Check, CFIB , BDC, EDC WBE, WSIB and more.

We work with a large network of industry suppliers that are always available to fulfill your janitorial supply needs. This was especially important through COVID. Our long-standing relationships became very important when there was a rush for pandemic supplies such as disinfectants, sanitizing solutions, gloves, masks, electrostatic sprayers, etc.

We are accustomed to working for 24 /7 business operations as this is what we have been doing for a lifetime (since 1967). Many people think they can work the unusual hours of a janitorial company until they need to execute this type of schedule. We adapt our schedule to work with your schedule to minimize business interruptions.

We can provide references and are always actively seeking review from old and new clients. They can be found on google or our website.

We are here to meet all of your needs and have fulfilled many requests over the years that were out of the ordinary in order to assist our clients with their evolving needs, such as

  • Assistance with realigning a business during covid
  • Assistance with moving an office into a new space
  • Providing ecofriendly products to a client when an employee became allergic
  • Advising clients on the right dispensers for their soap and paper products when the ones they were using kept breaking
  • A large client needed to downsize from a large office to a smaller space as many staff decided to work from home. We assisted them in moving their employees into the new office and into their homes. We helped assemble proper spacing and installing acrylic barriers to protect the staff members who remained working in the office. We put a team together to provide deep disinfection at the office daily, to give the employees and their clients extra peace of mind.

Please give us a call today to discuss your company and obtain a no-charge on-site needs assessment and quote.